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We are a privately owned international company with significant experience in a wide range of 3D visualization services, web development, and real estate branding solutions, worldwide.

Our story began 10 years ago

Founded by two young and ambitious CGI enthusiasts working from a small office, the studio undertook international projects from the very beginning. We have come a long way around that steep learning curve and developed a deep understanding of Client needs and ever-changing global market trends during the past decade. To measure up to the highest standards, we employ skilled professionals from various fields and maintain a top-notch software pipeline at all times. We take pride in the fact that over the past decade, we’ve managed to attain a prominent market position in the Arabic region and Norway. Our vision for the near future - relying on the combination of profound professional knowledge and a universal pioneering attitude - is to become a leading visualization company in the USA and UK, gradually entering the Australian market.

Arqsix | Lilleby.
Arqsix | Lilleby.

The Team

We have long recognized the importance of a strong, multicultural, and multi-skilled creative team, which we now proudly tend. Since architectural visualization is a very complex genre, specified qualifications and diverse abilities are highly appreciated at our studio. Our visionary-minded 3D Artists are given free reign to create, while their architecture-graduate project managers oversee all processes and handle discussions with Clients in the most professional way.

We value our customers dearly and go to great lengths to maintain a close and long-term relationship with them.
Our treasure resources - human creativity and cutting-edge technology - enable us to go above and beyond to satisfy Client needs.

Team of Arqsix

Jozsef Merasz

Co-Founder and General Manager

Team of Arqsix

Remi Aleksander Johnsen

Co-Founder and General Manager

Team of Arqsix

Bensu Kilci

Project Manager

Team of Arqsix

Tamas Koszo

Online Solutions


Collaboration Board

There are typical struggles and pain points in every industry, and we have seen enough of these in architectural visualization to believe that we can level up the usual workflow. We embarked on developing a unique online system for Arqsix, which widely simplifies file sharing and communication within a project while keeping all relevant information available in a very organized way.

We trust that the benefits of the new CRM and project management system will please our Clients in the same way they revolutionized our work from the first day of implementation.

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