Our unique, self-developed Collaboration Board is a real game-changer when it comes to CGI production


It has completely transformed our workflow and allows us to provide a more efficient, transparent, and reliable service than any other approach that is representative of the industry.

The key idea behind it is to collect and keep all information in the system from the first discussion with the Client up to the last item of the final delivery. All data and conversations are stored in a very clear, organized manner, arranged under work phases according to the initial agreement. This way no information can get lost or fall victim to misinterpretation, commenting rounds remain well-defined, and payments happen in accordance with the contract, exclusively.

Let’s have a look at how it works in effect.

After the first agreement

- which, by the way, also happens through and stored within the same system - our Client shares all available information with us via web links or by uploading images, briefs, 3D models, etc. directly to the project’s Collaboration Board. Following this, our 3D Artists create previews to assist the Client’s selection of preferred camera angles. The preview images appear right on the project’s Collaboration Board, and they can still be adjusted to preference with the help of direct - drawn or written - comments.

With all camera angles settled the proper visualization process begins.

Through each commenting round, new renderings are presented on the Collaboration Board, open for notes of various kinds. Texting, direct hand marking on the images, or uploading reference photos are all options at this point, likely to make the discussion very effective. While commenting rounds have a clear start and finish line, there is also a Project chat option available throughout the whole duration of the assignment.

The final delivery and approval

- quite naturally - happens through the project Collaboration Board as well. All information, including discussions and draft versions, remain available in the system until the collaboration is successfully concluded.

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