Our unique, self-developed Collaboration Board is a real game-changer when it comes to CGI production

Arqsix - Our Workflow Arqsix - Our Workflow

It has completely transformed our workflow and allows us to provide a more efficient, transparent, and reliable service than any other approach that is representative of the industry.

The key idea behind it is to collect and keep all information in the system from the first discussion with the Client up to the last item of the final delivery. All data and conversations are stored in a very clear, organized manner, arranged under work phases according to the initial agreement. This way no information can get lost or fall victim to misinterpretation, commenting rounds remain well-defined, and payments happen in accordance with the contract, exclusively.

Let’s have a look at how it works in effect

#0th Step

Information Submission

The process begins with the client providing necessary information.

#1st Step

Initial Arqsix Preview

The first Arqsix preview focuses on clay angles with lightning, excluding people.
Presented in a high-quality 2K resolution.

#2nd Step

Client Feedback Round 1

Client feedback is sought specifically on camera angles and mood at this stage.

#3rd Step

2nd Arqsix Preview

The second Arqsix preview introduces textured elements, incorporates season and mood settings, and includes people if applicable. This stage presents a detailed 4K resolution.
Note: Any subsequent alterations to models and mood are regarded as additional work beyond this point, potentially incurring extra charges.

#4th Step

Client Feedback Round 2

Client input is now directed towards textures, furniture, and the presence of people.

#5th Step

3rd Arqsix Preview

The third Arqsix preview showcases refined materials, people integration, improved lighting, and comments on decorative elements. Any missed feedback from the second preview is addressed in this stage. The image reaches an enhanced 4K-5K resolution.
If any comments were overlooked during the second preview, they will be addressed and implemented at this stage.

#6th Step

Client Feedback Round 3

Client feedback at this stage is crucial for identifying any potential mistakes and suggesting enhancements for realism. At this point, unless there are design changes from the client's end, this stage is considered final in most cases. Any errors on our part should be rectified before proceeding to the 7K final render. Design changes from the client may result in additional charges.

#Final Step

7K photorealistic rendering

The conclusive step involves delivering the 7K photorealistic rendering. This is the ultimate representation of the envisioned design, ensuring a high-quality and detailed final image.

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