Arqsix Case Study|Eastside Kvartalet: Transforming Stavanger's Landscape with Arqsix

Eastside Kvartalet: Transforming Stavanger's Landscape with Arqsix

Eastside Kvartalet: Transforming Stavanger's Landscape with Arqsix


August 1st, 2023


Embraced by the lively pulse of Stavanger's Eastside, a masterpiece is taking shape. Eastside Kvartalet, magnified through the creative lens of Arqsix, is ready to make its mark as a regional tour de force. This isn't just a project; it's a testament to the transformative power of collaborative creativity and architectural brilliance.

Eastside Kvartalet: A Vortex of Innovation and Collaboration

The heart of Eastside Kvartalet beats in Ryfylkegaten, stretching across a vast canvas of 4,000 square meters. But it's not just about the physical magnitude; it's about capturing an ethos that fosters creativity and productivity. Our visual narratives bring this multi-functional space to life, portraying its capacity to accommodate a symphony of needs.

Curating Unforgettable Experiences

Eastside Kvartalet tears down the walls of convention, transcending the traditional confines of an office environment. With Arqsix's visual storytelling, we've showcased this exceptional place where work meets leisure, from the welcoming lounge to the buzzing restaurant and bar, and even the dedicated art gallery.

Shaping the Future, Today

Aligned with Arqsix's commitment to pioneering future trends, Eastside Kvartalet aspires to become a magnet for ambitious individuals and forward-thinking organizations on both national and international stages. Our visualizations capture the essence of this vibrant hub where knowledge-sharing and community-building drive growth and innovation.

Rendering Visions to Reality

The heart of our mission at Arqsix was to visually encapsulate the boundless potential of Eastside Kvartalet. Our team crafted a series of breathtaking, high-definition renderings that fuse the stunning architectural designs with the enchanting landscape of Stavanger.

Redefining Archviz

Eastside Kvartalet shines a light on the transformative power of architectural visualization. Embracing the demand for realism and attention to detail, Arqsix created a portfolio of stunning images that perfectly capture the project's captivating allure.


Eastside Kvartalet is a beacon of progress set to illuminate Stavanger's Eastside. The renderings by Arqsix capture the essence of this development, inspiring the world of architectural visualization. For projects where only unmatched 3D visualizations will do, our experienced team at Arqsix stands ready.

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