Exploring Lysangen: A Guide to Understanding This Unique Residential Complex

Welcome to Lysangen, a one-of-a-kind residential complex in Norway that masterfully blends natural light and modern living to create a truly extraordinary living experience

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With its emphasis on daylight, unique architectural vision, and an array of amenities, Lysangen offers a new dimension of urban living that promotes well-being and sustainability.

The Architectural Vision Behind Lysangen

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Norway, Lysangen is a shining example of innovative residential design. The design philosophy of this residential complex focuses on seamlessly blending natural light with modern living, providing residents with a distinct living experience that embodies the heart of contemporary Scandinavian design.

The Lysangen Lifestyle: Amenities and Community Spaces

Located in Lysangen, living here transcends the bounds of simply owning an attractive apartment; it entails adopting a lifestyle that nurtures a communal spirit and promotes well-being. The complex offers a variety of amenities designed to make life easier and more enjoyable for its happy residents, including a well-equipped gym in House C, a modern playground, and lush green spaces, all contributing to a harmonious work-life-business balance with a sense of control.

Fitness aficionados will appreciate the gym area in House C, equipped with various pieces if equipment such as a training bench, sets of dumbbells, barbells, treadmill and stationary bicycle. The playground is a haven for children, featuring swings, a ramped structure, and more, providing endless hours of fun and discovery.

The green spaces in Lysangen are a testament to the complex’s commitment to fostering a healthy and vibrant community. With a diverse range of plant species, these areas provide a serene environment for residents and community groups to relax, socialize, and bask in the beauty of nature.

Golden Hour in Lysangen

Since the name of this project roughly translates to "light valley" and because there is a heavy emphasis on the light, we decided to include a lot of renders that showed the buildings during golden hour. These emphasize just how open and welcoming the complex is.

For marketing purposes we also included some more personal touches, where you can see people out and about, enjoying the sunlight and spending family time on their balconies.

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