Ezdipark, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We had the pleasure of creating a captivating animated short film about a new business hub in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital.

# Animation
# Masterplan

The launch video highlights the fantastic features of a large-scale and very high-quality project, that is looking to seamlessly integrate work, comfort, and creativity. Our design team aimed to credibly communicate the unique value proposition of the development, attracting investors, business professionals, and individuals seeking a dynamic and stimulating environment.

We meticulously crafted a narrative that showcased the key features, strategic location, and unique design identities of Ezdipark. Carefully selecting 4D people, we ensured that every character represented in the animation accurately reflected the diversity and vitality of the project. Each character was thoughtfully chosen to represent the vibrant community and diverse professionals that Ezdipark aims to attract.

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