Lakeside - Detroit, Michigan

A new era just started in Sterling Heights, Michigan! Lakeside Mall finally got the city approval to move forward. The project covers over 1.5 million SF and will give the residents of Macomb County a new place to hangout, shop, dine and relax.

# Exterior
# Animation
# Masterplan

This masterplan rendering with a complete overview of the project makes it easier to understand the new complex's scale and relation to the surrounding urban fabric. 3D modeling large areas of a city is always a great deal of work and responsibility, and we create our 3D images exclusively in high resolution, for our Clients to be able to zoom in on any areas.

Architectural animation is another great tool either to present a final design or to understand important aspects of the project during the planning process. In the case of the Lakeside Mall project, we joined the design team right at the concept stage of planning, so we were often expected to come up with suggestions concerning the style, mood, and other design aspects. It was a great challenge and a delightful exercise to tune our creative minds.

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