Spannatoppen, Haugesund, Norway

In 2021 we completed a project for A. Utvik's development at Spannatoppen in Haugesund. The project required the creation of several high-quality renderings to showcase the development's design and features.

# 3D floor plans
# Aerial

The main challenge for Arqsix was to create photorealistic renderings that accurately reflected the design and details of the development. Additionally, the client had a tight deadline, which meant that Arqsix had to deliver the renderings within a short period. Arqsix collaborated closely with A. Utvik's team to ensure that the renderings accurately reflected the design of the development. The team took into account every detail, from the building's exterior to the interior finishes, and even the landscaping around the development.

Overall, Arqsix's rendering delivery to A. Utvik's project at Spannatoppen was a testament to their ability to provide high-quality CGI services that meet the client's requirements and deadlines.

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