The Marbella Hotel: Dubai’s Latest Marvel

Near the coast of Dubai lie the islands of The Heart of Europe

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This incredible project consists of many man-made islands that are home to several themed hotels. These all represent a part of Europe, whether that be an entire country or a city.

This is where you can find The Marbella Hotel, a gorgeous establishment, inspired by Marbella, a city in Spain.

The Island-Dwelling Lifestyle

It was very important to us to highlight the vibe of this project. The core of it is the island-dwelling feeling, which we emphasized by showing water in every exterior image. In these you can clearly see both the beach and the pools, along with nearby places to relax and soak up the sun.

However, if you want to take a dive and explore the coral reefs and sea life, this is your perfect opportunity. The Heart of Europe aims to develop these reefs as much as possible, which means that you will be supporting a good cause while also getting to experience a one of a kind sea life.

Taking Relaxation to a New Level

The Marbella Hotel has several amenities for those looking to take some time off to unwind. There is the obvious choice of the beach, however, you also have the option of the spa and the beachside restaurant. These are all designed with the culture of flamenco in mind, which is clear from both the color scheme and the movement in the images.

The Inspiration Behind The Marbella Hotel

Since the theme of this hotel is the Spanish city, Marbella, we had to show off that specific culture when it came to the renders. This meant a warmer color scheme, with lots of oranges and yellows, which we emphasized with natural yellow stone materials in the residences.

We also implemented flamenco. The movement of a flamenco dance skirt is especially iconic, which is what inspired the placement of all moving objects. If you take a look at the white curtains, you can almost even see the ruffles.

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