Vikhammerstrand, Trondheim, Norway

Vikhammerstrand is an exclusive residential development located in the picturesque coastal town of Trondheim, Norway. Featuring several modern apartment buildings with stunning sea views and ample green spaces, it’s designed to provide high living standards and run on sustainable, energy-efficient solutions.

# Exterior

Our rendering service was an integral part of the design process and the project’s following success as well. Our team of skilled 3D Artists worked closely with the developers to create highly realistic and immersive visualizations of the complex. We are proud to have been a part of this collaboration and look forward to provide high-quality rendering services for future developments on Vikhammerstrand.

In addition to regular 3D renderings, we created a sun study to analyze hourly lighting conditions throughout the entire development. This tool is used to produce an extremely useful and sightful product that helps both developers and future customers to make good decisions and avoid surprises during all phases of the project.

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